Coveted by the market – double-signed watches

Coveted by the market – double-signed watches

One product that is much sought-after – and not only on the vintage market – is the so-called double-signed watch. Connoisseurs will, of course, know what we are talking about, but for the sake of completeness, let's explain the term again here.
Double-signed watches are those which also bear the logo of the retailer. For example, on a double-signed Rolex purchased at Tiffany's, you would see the marks of both the retailer and the manufacturer. Such a Rolex would be coveted the world over.

Tiffany-signed Rolex Explorer

One of our customers possesses just such a precious object. He bought a Tiffany-signed Rolex Explorer 1 Ref. 1016 from Tiffany's in New York in 1986. We were given the chance to buy this watch.
Why would anyone want to part with such a rare item, you may ask. The reason is simple and plausible: the gentleman in question is lucky enough to own an extensive collection of watches and he now only wants to have watches in his collection that he would like to wear. That's why this watch, with its certificate, is for sale. Admittedly, the box has disappeared, but we do know the previous owner.
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