Simply different – Huber Vintage Timepieces at the VP Bank Rally 2021

Simply different – Huber Vintage Timepieces at the VP Bank Rally 2021

An occasion to set your pulse racing if you love beautiful things. The event is a rally that took place in 2021 for the second time and followed an entirely new and breathtaking route from Bad Ragaz through some of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

After the Opening Party on August 27th, on Saturday 28th the classic cars drove over the Albula and Flüela passes in Graubünden. On the Sunday, after a drive through the picture-perfect scenery of eastern Switzerland, the destination for the day was the new aviation and vehicle museum, FFA Altenrhein.

A Huber vintage watch as the prize

Fine watches and jewellery simply belong at a stylish rally. That's why the historic vintage watches from Huber Vintage Timepieces are the perfect match for classic cars. Huber introduced the fascinating world of the company with some of the watches that our specialists have acquired from collectors or at auction.
Then the historic objects are fully overhauled in the Huber watch workshop, some of which were available to admire during the VP Bank Rally. Later, when it came to the prize-giving, the winner was presented with an Omega Speedmaster Mk 4.5.

Roshard and Pergolini

During the event, the head of the Vintage Lounge, Hansjörg Roshard, and Dario Pergolini, who was part of the team responsible for the technical acceptance testing of the vehicles, got talking.
The watch specialist and the car expert were soon engaged in a lively conversation in which both gave free rein to their love of both cars and watches.
The result was that the two technophiles arranged to have a coffee together, they kept in contact and now Dario Pergolini is a brand ambassador for Huber Vintage Timepieces.

New brand ambassador

The two men's first joint project was a photo shoot featuring vintage watches and Pergolini's 1929 Ford Boattail Speedster. They drove in terrible weather conditions from Nendeln to Bad Ragaz, where they had permission to film on the local airfield with, and in, an Antonov AN-2. Even the weather gods reached an understanding with the pair and they were able to drive back to Nendeln in fantastic weather, with a few photo stops.
Find out more on Instagram about how well the two men got on together and how much their worlds have in common.

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